Double Decker Bridge, Day-4 -- Assam & Meghalaya Trip 2018

Tiring yet happy day - Cheerapunji

road trip meghalaya hiking  Pamela Bhattacharya / December 17, 2018
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Today we got up pretty late compared to other days. Had breakfast and left the hotel around 9 AM. There are some journeys in life which are hard to forget. Our trek to the much talked about Double Decker Root Bridge was one such journey for me. Staying at Cheerapunji Holiday resort has one advantage that it is hardly 7 km away from double-decker root bridge. We went 5 KM till Tyrna village where we parked our car and then 3KMs of hiking we were told by hotel people. When we asked for a guide they said it’s not required, moreover its all marked and proper cemented pathway so no chance of getting lost.

It was a 3500 step journey down the hill. After almost 40 minutes we reached a small village which we thought was the village with the bridge, but it was another 40 min from there. At this point, we saw a very small board nailed to a tree indicating the way to the longest root bridge. We were only people there still we wanted to cross that bridge but it shakes and swings and the water flowing 20-25 feet below makes the whole experience breathtaking. I took the courage first to cross but half away, came back felt like can’t cross, then Aarush said mamma, are you scared…let me go. Then his dad stopped him saying let me go, once I reach another end then you come. Aarush agreed to the same. But halfway through even Santanu came back saying does not look to be safe enough to cross. Then after few photo shoots we returned to a regular path and now the descend was further steep.

After descending few steps, we came across two hanging bridges over rivers. The bridges were made of rusty iron cables repaired and supported with bamboo with some parts held together with steel wires. The whole bridge shakes and swings and the water flowing 20-25 feet below makes the whole experience scary though adventurous. There were 2 families after us…we allowed them to cross the bridge first. While crossing the bridge all we could hear were the sounds of the squeaking cables and gurgling water flowing down the huge rocks, makes the whole experience nerve-wracking.

After a few more climbing up and down the steps, we reached the new bridge which looks to be recently done. Further few meters ahead was Nongriat village, where they sell some basic food items, juice, water.

To reach the double-decker bridge, you have to take a few more steps up – and there it was … This bridge is unique in so many ways. It has been built using the roots of a tree – that’s still alive. It took years to build this bridge – patiently waiting for the roots to be guided over and across the river until it was firm enough to carry weight. Currently, there are two levels of roots that have been guided across, stacked on top of other.

These are roots from the rubber tree, which is considered to be 200 yrs old.

On reaching there, waterfall from the rocks is so soothing and cool that feel like jumping into the water which we did not but definitely soake my feet in them. Took a few pictures, and spent some time admiring nature’s beauty. From here we went towards natural swimming pool asking few villagers on the way. We went further up and down the steps but at one point we were clueless as there was no proper demarcation and that bridge ends abruptly giving no hint for a natural swimming pool. So, after that point, we had to return as there was none to guide further and thus we started our return journey.

We again now crossed the double-decker bridge and to my surprise, there was a guest house with minimum facilities for Rs.400/ per day which I came to know on asking one foreigner descending from one corner. On our return, we had some juices to hydrate ourselves while Aarush had proper basic food without any fuss.

We started our climb back to Tyrna again through the swinging bridges and those steps. But it did take much more time and effort as though looking at the steep steps. I particularly huffed and puffed to reach the top and in between, it started raining like cats and dogs for few mins. One side it rained and another side we were sweating like pig from head to toe. Felt like they should have one waterfall at the top too so that one can shower there.


  • carry a bottle of water and refill in taps they are all potable and drink in sips
  • carry as little as possible – There are some small shops near your destination where you can buy water and snack on some food before you return.  
  • Carry cash(no cards)
  • Carry swimming trunks if you want to take a dip in the water pool under the double-decker root bridge and perhaps a cloth to dry yourself out.
  • Change room is available there.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Wear light clothes preferable shorts but no jeans.