Majuli Part-III, Day-12 Assam & Meghalaya Trip 2018

north east assam majuli road trip  Santanu Misra / January 22, 2020
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The first thing I did after getting up early was cleaning the rented car which was by now full of dusts for yesterday driving around Majuli. After some time Pamela and Aarush work up and we got ready to leave Majuli and head out. We had a quick breakfast and said bye to Mr. Ranjit.

He suggested we take a different route as we are suppose to cross mighty Brahmaputra and reach North bank. But the route he suggested was not visible on Google Maps. He nicely draw out on a piece of paper for us. The initial road was excellent it was completely newly laid out tar road. And we had to take a right run for the bridge and that is where our biggest surprise of the trip was waiting.

It was a handmade bamboo bridge. It was quite low and narrow no side support and only one car can can pass at a time. When I say one car at a time it means only one car will be crossing the whole length of the bridge before anything can got on the bridge. As soon as we got on to the bridge the whole bridge was shaking and for real it was scary moment. As you know there is no safety net like you have on a Roller Coaster which are after all super fine piece of engineering and constant supervision. The small ride of 150 meters or so feft like eternity. We stopped the car as soon as we reached other bank as the heart rate was very high.

As soon as we stopped the car one person came up with a receipt book, it seem the local villageres put up the make shift bambo bridge every year post monsoon and

Mising Food

Mising Food



Morning at Deka Cheng We went for a morning stroll along the stream that is just in front of Deka Cheng. After coming back about an hour, we had to wait patiently for breakfast as service was super BAD. As mentioned earlier while there was only other guest who is supposed to be a big Government Babu the whole attention of the whole staff was with him only. At the end we felt so frustrated that we gave our peace of mind to the so-called property manager.

Our trip to Hollong was one of the most challenging and memorable ones. Still, after so many months, it remains clear like yesterday. We slept early knowing we have to leave early. So when the alarm went off at 4 AM the whole place was quiet and dark. We hauled all our luggage from the room to the rented car. It was a bit of a task given that we were staying backside of the property.

Somewhere on the internet once read the need for a vacation within a vacation. I know it sounds oxymoron but trust me when you are on the road for some time you need a day or two just doing nothing. Majuli was supposed to a magical place for us. As we drove back west from Sivsagar we took the diversion to Nematighat, the boat embarkation point (ferry ghat) to go to Majuli.

When I was planning this long trip to Assam I always wanted to drive all the way up to Dibrugarh where I studied till class 5. Later, in the final planning stage realized it was too long of a drive. Covering Guwahati, Shillong & Dibrugarh was getting too much in one trip so saved it for a later day. Sivasagar remained in the itinerary for a night stay with a condition if we finish Gibbon-Hollongapar and still have time to explore the ancient capital of the Ahom kingdom.