My Baking Tins

few pans I have

I do not want to say these are pans/tins you should buy or avoid. Over the years these are some which we have gathered and baked at least one cake per week if not more in last two years. Of course we have part ways with few others pans over the years.

As usual I am mixed bag with my current list… few I would part ways in coming days.

  • 18x22 cm brownie tray
  • 25 cm IKEA round bund pan β€” PLEASE AVOID THIS PRODUCT; it leaks most times
  • 29x10x7 cm IKEA bread/loaf pan little long for us
  • 16x4 cm round detachable round pan from Femora too small for our need
  • 22 x 4 cm Chefmate round tart pan non detached β€” better to get a with removal base one
  • 1.5 L round bunt pan Oldest member almost 15 years old and heavily used
  • 2L cup Bundt pan Fleur-de-lis Should bought a better quality one with little less design.
  • 23 cm x 7.5 cm (height) Meyer spring form pan Good for Cheese Cake, smaller 20/18 cm would have been better for our home.
  • 2 muffin trays
  • Dozens of Silicone muffin mold - paper cups are best for muffins

Only suggestion avoid those fancy figure teddy bear, heart, snowman as the are very theme specific and does not gets used in day to day life.