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Bread baking Sourdough Tools  Santanu Misra / June 24, 2021
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Honestly I feel there is no need for me to put a post on the tools you need for your sourdough or bread journey. There are zillions of articles and videos already out there on internet.

I am going to list down the hardware I gathered in my kitchen over the years and which I found useful. And in general they are useful in their own right and could be used for other things. For example our Dutch-Oven has cooked more single pot pasta than anything else.

  • A big oven - Good to have ; mine is Faber 60 Lt Electric almost 8 years old now. The best one to get would be a steam oven or at least a oven which can go higher temperature. Recent time there are many choices in Indian market like IKEA, Siemens, Bosch, Miele and etc.
  • Dutch Oven (Casserole) - Good to have ; mine is Wonderchef Ferro Cast-Iron Oval Casserole 4.4L.
  • Banneton (Proofing Basket) - Oval/Oblong from Bakewale; not a must
  • Razor/Blade - Simple Shaving Blade, in French it is called Lame. Internet is full of fancy one; you do not need them. You start holding the naked blade and you can control it better.
  • Shower Caps - Plastic Bags to cover the bread.
  • Tea Towels - to keep dough damp.
  • Preachment Paper - Oddy Ecobake ; not must I baked without but make life easier.
  • Spray bottle - To spray water on dough in the end
  • Glass Jar - with lid, for storing sourdough starter
  • Measuring Cup - minimum size 500 ml
  • Weighing scale - A MUST
  • Silicone Mat - keeps your work surface clean, easy to manage dough.
  • Scrapper - A MUST, they are extension of your hand without your finger being sticky
  • Hand mixer - In recent time I started to use the hand mixer with dough hook for kneading and I must confess it makes things easy. So you can assume life will be lot easier with stand mixer if you bake a lot.
  • Chop Stick - This is my tool of choice to mix flour and water, you can buy a fancy Danish Dough Whisk Stainless Steel as well :)
  • Silicone spatula - makes scraping easy.
  • Loaf Tin - Making loaf, banana bread many other use.

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