Humanity a Poem

Humanity poem Aarush  Aarush / October 22, 2021
330 words ; 2 minutes read

Humanity is weird

We divide ourselves into echelons of power, colour, gender wealth & birth.
we worship effigies idols and symbols,
and respect those who are likeliness to us
and partition ourselves away from people who are unique than us.
We never spread our wings and break the laws of society
for then we are classified as rebels, outcasts or just being silly.
For look around the world of birds and beasts on earth they roam,
living in trees, plant, water, ice, sand, rock, and loam
We perceive the unclear, hazy
and blind ourselves to the clear, obvious truth.
We have dreamt of greed, revenge, gore, violence, and gluttony
Our true thought is violent and bloody
Wake up and expand you line of thinking
We all are equal as human beings

Here the poet expresses his disbelief in humanity and talks about the woeful problems like skin, gender discrimination and the caste system.

The poet also explains how man has fallen so low to worship altars and statues. The poet talks about the differences and prejudices each religion has for another religion and the self-inflicted divide caused to separate and hurt humans.

We as humans follow the will of society which often controlled by the powerful and see socialists, atheists, the LGBTQA+ community, Environment activists as a group of rebels, outcasts, or a delusional people looking for attention. The poet compares human life with animals who lead simpler lives and are not bound by the accident of birth.

We often see the unnecessary like minor details, flaws in other people’s lives , unneeded problems in society but fail to notice injustice, discrimination or even environmental problems we think of the seven deadly sins instead of focusing on helping and serving life on this earth and how the human mind is so violent.

The poet calls for action that allows humans to live their life to the fullest without society excommunicating us and to understand that all of man is equal.

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