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kashmir India Travel  Aarush Misra / April 30, 2022
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Firstly, I want to tell you that before this trip I only knew we were going to Kashmir I did not even think of doing any research on cuisine, culture , POI’s or even the security status out there . the only thing I knew I had to do was to take care of our luggage & take care of mother [something that I really don’t do because she is a grown ,independent and head-strong lady]. Lets start the first ritual of being a tourist is that you must learn how to pack darned bag because you must realise how to pack the primary essentials before you start of a vlogging fashion spree of clothes because you may always have a cerulean blue polo shirt with stone grey pants but never enough darn socks in a mountain. First come toiletries , next the underwear and finally the socks. Then comes the necessary clothing like lounge clothes, and long pants and shirts and the multi-use jeans pant that is made of a god blessed fabric that can endure rain and hellfire along with the usual winter-wear . Then comes the actual fashionable things that you can see in the photos.

Its 4 O’clock in the morning and I must get up to get ready for going to the airport. I really do not steel myself up for this trip but instead groggily make my way to the bathroom only to splash icy water on my face wipe it of with my towel I have not washed in millennia before spritzing on some deodorant from my dad’s tube and have some munch before I get on the plane. Our family too under the grip of sleep that we are trying slip off is sluggishly making our way to our family’s XUV 500 and drive our way to the airport luckily there are few cars on the 4-lane road divided road. But once we enter the Kempegowda International airport we realise that even at 5 O’clock in a Monday morning this airport can be crowded especially in the security section. But soon we are at the gate before boarding and wait casually trying to get the blood flowing and coaxing our adrenal gland to produce some more adrenaline.

Thankfully, the boarding started as we were all shepherded into the Vistara Flight No UK 810. As a child I always desired a for a window seat but now I always wanted the aisle. The first to the food and easy access to the flying commode. But now after a breakfast of whole wheat, omelettes , semi-dried baby tomatoes an olive oil fried spicy potatoes. I have a little nap before the plane vibrations signify it is time for a touch down at the Indira Gandhi International terminal 3. Here we must make connection fight change to UK 611. Problem we must clear security and head to a terminal that is so far, we must make a run for it. Yep, those Bollywood style ways where the hero rushes to at Mach 3 speeds to profess his love for the heroine except now we had to pray to get on the plane on time.

We luckily were able to reach on time and were able to sit down and catch our breath it was here when my cousin sister from my mothers’ side, she is a lively girl with a passion for fashion. Our Plane’s engines came to life and roared over the Delhi city and flew above the snow-clad Himalayas We landed in the Sheikh-ul Allam airport which serves as a military base where I could recognise a MIG-21, SUKHOI-SU-30, MIL-Mi-17 we collected our luggage and waited for my sister to come from where we met our chauffeur who was a Kashmiri of brisk air by the name Muneeb.

Now went through the outskirts of the city slowly making our way to the Dal Lake. The road which traverses along the scenic and serene lake is called boulevard road where we had a jolly lunch Kashmiri Wazwan chicken dishes.

We then made our way to renowned Tulip Garden open at this time of the year , however it appears that all the tulips had been tanned, burnt or fried whilst then planted in the soil thanks to the sweltering heat however my mother eager to take more photos because these gardens was not willing to give up this opportunity and us stand for our Photo-Session or abbreviated as photion whilst our sun was glazing down our necks we then went to a Mughal garden which was simple in designed but welly maintained the architect made few stone work and let Kashmir’s flora add to the natural grace of the estate. After this we went to our hotel have for from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis where we all had a shower had a simple dinner and fell to sleep chuckling to our foolishness and jokes.

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