The Serene Forests of India

A poem composed in tribute to the beautiful forests of India

Sunrise at Tadoba

Starting from India’s crown
Lie the craggy white hills
Dotted with pine, moss oak, and maple
Who stand like sentinels
Against the cold wind
They never cry or frown
From the ruthless wind

On her left hand
Of the west
Lies an ecosystem of sand
Lie plains of gold that shine during the day
And the skies twinkle in the night
Where the dry shrubs and cacti sway
In the unbearable baking winds

Greenery adorns her right hand
Evergreen, moist, and conventional
For a beautiful weather
And every year the monsoon wind
Rushes to kiss her hand

The coastal forests
Near the sea of arabia and the bay of Bengal
Too remain fertile from the tropical wind
Laden with moisture renew life in this part of India
And animals of fur, feather and
Leather comes to make these forests their cozy home
May they be big as goliath or as small as gnomes

For each forest you oath to visit, you must
Life finds a way
To give every creature a place to stay
And the forests of India
Was gods place of putting Eden
On the earth’s crust