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Indian Blue Robin (female)
Cinereous Tit
Spot Billed Pelican
Jerdon's Leafbird
Indian Scoops Owl 🦉
Leopard cub
Malabar Whistling-Thrush aka Whistling School-boy.
Drive Bangalore to Durg

This is the longest drive we did so far and truly this was a memorable one with 1300+ KM. The planning for the trip started almost a month back. It involved looking at Google maps multiple times and talking to few friends who are roadies. We knew the road till Hyderabad would be good as we been on this highway almost 2 years back. Beyond Hyderabad was a complete unknown. Also posted my naĂŻve query to TEAM-BHP.

Onakona Temple

Proluge Somewhere sometime Pamela wrote down two places to explore in Chhattisgarh which were not that well known. And one of them was Onakona. She being from there, it intrigued us with the beutiful pictures. After a week in Durg we were looking for a small break, the week was hectic and top of it the whole Diwali weekend was super busy as domestic helps were on vacation for days.

Birding at Durg

2½ months at in-laws' place just went like that, my longest stay away from home. Just realised yesterday when discussing with my son that I did not even stay that long at my parent’s home. Yes it is a blessing in this difficult time. As many of you know my MIL had a bad fall during lockdown and had to go through major operation. We could not arrange a travel pass at that time so when the opportunity came we decided to come to Durg/Bhilai around November 1st week and stay as much we can.

My Grandmother’s House

2021 January @ Durg In MIG -525, Is one of hell’s hive. Spiders in bathroom, The lizards are in the living room, Rats move when you sleep in the bedroom. Your worst nightmare is coming for you, Satan is sending an army for you, This is my grandmother’s house. In the granary there you’ll find a large mouse. Squeak, squeak, squeak. Doors in this house make creepy Creak, creak, creak.