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This was a quick break from mundane Bangalore life. A small vacation as you might call in the time of COVID. With Covid there was zero travel, and after coming back to Bangalore in Jan'21 we hardly used the car. In fact we had to jump start the car 3 times as battery was so low due to low running. We booked Club-Mahindra and there was Friday off for Pamela. So on Thursday post school we started from Bangalore via OLD-Madras road.

I do not want to say these are pans/tins you should buy or avoid. Over the years these are some which we have gathered and baked at least one cake per week if not more in last two years. Of course we have part ways with few others pans over the years. As usual I am mixed bag with my current list… few I would part ways in coming days.

Honestly I feel there is no need for me to put a post on the tools you need for your sourdough or bread journey. There are zillions of articles and videos already out there on internet. I am going to list down the hardware I gathered in my kitchen over the years and which I found useful. And in general they are useful in their own right and could be used for other things.

I started a SD starter in the month of May 2021 inspired by one fellow runner.I followed this link to make the starter with whole wheat. The starter was very active with the April heat in Bangalore from Day-2 onwards. I continued the process till day 7 and ended up with lots of SD discards as I was using 120gm fresh feed every time. The rise and doubling was happening fine even though the starter passed the so-called “float test”.