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Day 6 in Kashmir
Day 6 in Kashmir

Photion Green-Valley Aru Valley, Betab Valley and Chandan Wari. The ABC of all tourist places in Pahalgam that need to be visited by hired taxi. Here you can’t use the tourist taxi that you hired from a tourist agency because it breaks union rules. we rented a Toyota Etios because we were only 3 people and did not need a van (the cheapest option available to us ). We first went to Aru Valley which is very scenic.

Day 5 in Kashmir
Day 5 in Kashmir

Photion cold-grass Pahalgam isn’t far from Srinagar it is just as far as Mysore is to Bangalore. But there is one thing you must clearly understand is that you must try the local bread over here. We got lucky because it was Ramazan, so we got to try the tender, hard, crunchy, salty, sweet kinds of bread. Since we started late in the morning, we arrived late for tourist activities, so we had lunch and decided to explore the town on foot.

Day 4 in Kashmir
Day 4 in Kashmir

Photion Avalanche Waking up at 6am is not a fun way to get ready during a vacation. But when Duty (read exotic place where we must do tourist shenanigans calls). The lines at Gulmarg are longer than the 10 Titanoboas just to bet on a cable car. Firstly, you need to rent boots and heavy jackets ,secondly you need to buy gloves , thirdly if your legs are made of jelly you are going to need a horse to travel from the main plaza to the cable house.