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9 Apr   2024

Chasing Miles in Kalimpong

Running Through Rain - my experience

18 Mar   2024

Engine Room

Tech Notes about this web site

7 Mar   2024

A Ray of hope

Written dring December 2023 winter break

10 Feb   2024

Jaipur Day 2

Exploring History and Heritage : A Birthday Expedition

9 Feb   2024

Jaipur Day 1

Experiencing the Streets of Jaipur: A Journey Through Chaos and Charm

13 Oct   2023
3 Oct   2023
13 Sept   2023

Khardungla Challenge

Running craziness of midlife

31 Jan   2023

Pride and revolution

Vanity of the inglorious corrupt invites the wrath of the downtrodden

30 Jan   2023


Rage is a powerful demon within us which must be always be put under control or harsh consequences bear down on us

29 Jan   2023

Tiger and it, prey

Something lurks in the tall grass of the forests, but before the doe realises, her fate fate is sealed

28 Jan   2023

The Serene Forests of India

A poem composed in tribute to the beautiful forests of India