About Us

Quick Intro

This is an about page for Misra Family. Aarush, Pamela & Santanu in alphabetical order. We are currently based at Bangalore, India. In past, we lived in Mumbai (Bombay), Paris and Bay-Area (SFO).

We like to travel, make new friends and explore and understand diversity and cultures at its best. We try to do that along with day jobs. Check out our thousands of photos, travelog, random thoughts and creativity.

Brief history

The domain santm.com is a self sponsored birthday gift :) Registered the domain back on Friday the 13th of 2000. Honestly I did not know about paraskevidekatriaphobia or triskaidekaphobia those days it was just a weekend for me.

The website was initially hosted on Yahoo!‘s(Lycos) free hosting called Tripod with static pages. Moved on to shared hosting as creating static page was no fun. You have to track every small changes and I was not using any framework for that in those days. Started few small php pages but after that it was with WordPress for a while. Those shared hosting was always slow as never spent too much on the personal hosting. Neither this sites see too many traffics where it can be self-funded by Ads money. Anyway who likes Ads :(

Moved Google’s blogspot with custom domain. While it is a great tool for blogging the template choices are very limited and can never trust those free templates with many hidden codes.

Now back to static hosting with Hugo. The theme is a simple, minimalistic & responsive build on Bulma framework made by me. The hosting now moved to GitHub pages.

With rise of social media connecting with friends and family is very easy and the blog section show drastic reduction. Hope to write up the travel diaries as much as we can.

There are lots of challenge in migrating services and that always causes many part of the website not to be perfect. But this gives me real life problem to be solved. I learned a lot in the that process.