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Although trip to Switzerland is over but yet we can’t stop writing about

it. If you are one of those few regular visitors to our blog you must be

knowing by now how much we liked our one week stay. And must be

wondering what more can be there to write about.

Yes, there are always lot to write about Switzerland when we are

comparing with Paris and when one is seeing through Indian eyes. Where

all the pavements of the side walk are made of granite stone, all routes

being well-marked, not only that you can always be sure to find

toilet paper in any remote restroom and moreover clean restroom.

Last but not least even public telephones are equipped with electronic

phone book which can be hardly seen in Paris.


to the point what made me write this post is ‘Lassi’. Yes, you heard

it right. You must be wondering whatz there to say about Lassi and

especially it might be nothing for Indians staying at UK. But to our

outmost surprise we noticed this product on the shelf in one of the

small ‘all-in-one’ store in Swiss-railway station. Later, we found the

same product in big store even which can be hardly seen in Paris rather

I should say can’t be seen at all.

According to old tradition, lassi

is served at the end of the main meal or taken at lunch time because

that’s when appetite and digestion are at their peak. Lassi is meant to

help digestion and to be served at room temperature, not chilled but as

cold beverage usually taken in summer season.

So, at the sight of lassi that too with Indian flavor we were so

thrilled that almost every day we had it during our stay at Switzerland.

31 Jul   2006

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30 Jul   2006

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