Pride and revolution

Vanity of the inglorious corrupt invites the wrath of the downtrodden

Soldiers raising the Indian National Flag
Soldiers raising the Indian National Flag

Oh doesn’t everyone hate those with an ego,
With a size bigger than the planet of Pluto.
Does who think who believe they are better than the common dirt,
And from their mouth, Nonsense, they spurt
But they are the worst sickening form of pond scum!
Just because some
Are born with the golden spoon in their hideous mouths!
They feel they are superior than the laws,
And feel their position and wealth will help them escape justice’s vengeful claws!

Just ignore those people
And sharpen the axe for culling their pride
To remove their gilded ego and snide!
Statements they make against the common soul
Because they don’t know us
For we too can play harsh
With weapons of revolution
Of protest and dissent!