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26 Jan   2023

Ballad of the Soldier

Written In honour of soldiers who stand or have perished in serving the nation

23 Jan   2023

Seasons and the Elm tree

The seasons come and go, a cycle of life and death repeats but elm tree stands,witness to everything around it

16 Apr   2022

Day 6 in Kashmir

Aru Valley, Betab Valley & Chandan Wari, the golden triangle of Kashmir's tourism

15 Apr   2022

Day 5 in Kashmir

Pahalgam -- is one of the most scenic places to visit in Kashmir. With scenic vistas, lush greenery and pristine lakes

14 Apr   2022

Day 4 in Kashmir

Gulmarg, The peaks of snow and ice

13 Apr   2022

Day 3 in Kashmir

Dal lake, the floating town

12 Apr   2022

Day 2 in Kashmir

Srinagar is the India's northern gateway , a scenic city bustling in culture, tradition and modern elegance

11 Apr   2022

A Trip to Indian's Crown

The crown of India , jewelled with snow and pine trees and laden with a rich history and culture

11 Nov   2021

Sandakphu Trek

A long journey on foot to have glimpse of the himalayas is in its full beauty

27 Oct   2021

Ranakpur - where marvel talks

Less then 100 km from Udaipur in Pali District in between forest of the Aravalli Range lies this small village.

26 Oct   2021

Jawai-Bera land of Leopards

A small place where in private lands Leopards roam around

25 Oct   2021

Travel plan for Mewar (Udaipur)

a week long trip planning around Udaipur