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 Santanu Misra / March 8, 2004
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Requested my brother to send me one I-pod from USA with Hitesh as he was

coming to Paris on a business trip. It was very nice to catch up with

Hitesh, Neetu and Simran after moving out of CA. We met them at their

hotel in Latin quarter and had dinner with them. It was almost 2 in the

morning when we returned home in the cold night of February. But that

did not stopped me to open the box start playing with the new gadget.

On a secondary note - I started liking Paris but some time French system

and people makes me mad. Yet, I am enjoying my stay here as much as I

can. Now a days I am trying to run more regularly - ran two

Half-marathon so far this year and recently started taking tennis class.

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Happy Holidays

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