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9 Apr   2024

Chasing Miles in Kalimpong

Running Through Rain - my experience

18 Mar   2024

Engine Room

Tech Notes about this web site

10 Feb   2024

Jaipur Day 2

Exploring History and Heritage : A Birthday Expedition

9 Feb   2024

Jaipur Day 1

Experiencing the Streets of Jaipur: A Journey Through Chaos and Charm

13 Oct   2023
3 Oct   2023
27 Oct   2021

Ranakpur - where marvel talks

Less then 100 km from Udaipur in Pali District in between forest of the Aravalli Range lies this small village.

26 Oct   2021

Jawai-Bera land of Leopards

A small place where in private lands Leopards roam around

25 Oct   2021

Travel plan for Mewar (Udaipur)

a week long trip planning around Udaipur

31 Aug   2021


A trip just for some awesome food

24 Jun   2021

My Baking Tins

few pans I have

24 Jun   2021

My Sourdough Tools

Few things to have to start your sourdough journey