Musee Guimet

Paris picture
 Santanu Misra / June 12, 2004
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This Museum is an extension of Louvre Museum-collection of objects from Asia. Mostly the objects are from south Asia and far east Asia, if you been to London British Museum and visited Asian sections you will feel deja vu. It is located in 16th arrondissement of Paris next to Metro Station of Iena.

We visited the same with Francois; it was only Francois who told us about this museum. He had been here before few times. This place not very big but takes half day at least or more depending your likes or dislikes. As you can see from our pictures that there are Buddha which comes from Pakistan to China. There are lots of collections from Japan,China and Tibet which is very beautiful and hard to explain for me. The porcelain pieces from far-east is also very beautiful and they are quite big.