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 Santanu Misra / May 22, 2005
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The temperature in Spain was quite hot compared to Paris. It was around

37° C when we reached Granada in the afternoon. The bus station for

intercity is not at the city center but there is a good connection of

public transport for the same. Our hotel was at the center - Plaza


Around 5 PM, we headed out from hotel, it was still very hot and bright.

We walked towards Plaza Nueva. We entered into two churches while

walking along the Darro River. They were small churches compared to the

cathedral but also have nice wood work. Then we walked uphill towards St

Nicolas Church in El Albaicín


style=“text-align: justify;">It is on hill top from where you can have a

great view of Alhambra at the sunset. The cobble stone roads are really

narrow. There are lots of tourists at that view point in the evening so

are gypsies. They were playing music and selling their art


As we had time before the sunset we walked down a bit and went to

Sacromonte. There are gypsy caves most of which are now converted into

houses. But there is one part left for historic and touristy purpose.

Then we came back to The Church of San Nicolás. I am quite sure if you

been there recently you must be knowing Bill Clinton also re-visited

this place while he was President as he was here once as a young

student. Well even with out his historic visit this place at the sunset

is really great to look at the red fort – Alhambra.

This is one of the photos that were there in that Smart Card Media with

which we had problem. It would have been very sad if those photos were

not recovered.

Well I must admit this time the vegetarian place recommended by ***Rick

Steve*** was good for dinner.

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