[How To] Puttygen Puttssh for ssh

Tech Notes
 Santanu Misra / August 5, 2005
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1. Run PuttyKeyGen 1.a Make sure you choose SSH2DSA at the bottom 1.b Click on Generate 1.c Move Mouse as mentioned.

  1. Once the key is generated 2.a Put proper comment for Key username and hostname 2.b Type your Password please try to choose a proper password i.e. with number, special character, upper case hard to guess 2.c Save the public and private key I saved in C:\Documents and Settings\santanu.misra

  2. Now add pageant.exe to your startup programs as shortcut.

  3. In the property box modify these 4.a In “Target” Box add the Private-key file name 4.b In “Start in’’ Box put the directory where you stored the public key ; look at step 2.c 4.c Make “Run” to minimized

  4. Right click on pageant and you will see there is an option for adding the key. 5.a Choose your private key file that was generated with “PuttyKeyGen” and it will ask for the “Passphrase” enter the password you entered in step 2.b 5.b You can see your key with “view key” option. There is a option to delete your key as well.

  5. Now we need to configure putty to work with our public and private key. The screen shoots are quite self explanatory.

How ever I did modified “ScrollbackLines” for putty with regedit as I like to have more scroll back line; default is only 200. The ket is located in MyComputer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham\PuttY\Sessions\Default%20Settings For quick access to known servers you can do this to automate login via (ssh) ssh-add -L >> .ssh/authorized_keys