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 Santanu Misra / December 28, 2005
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**Wish you all happy & prosperous New Year.**Its time to write almost

last entry for this year.

For quite a while was thinking to write about 2005 year diary.

Hmm…………not able to write with this dull and grey sky and no need

to mention the cold at Paris but wait………… seems some ray of

light is trying to reach my desk which I do not want to loose, hope that

will keep my spirit high while writing this.

2005 started with the longest vacation I ever had so far in my career.

It was six week India trip and an escape from cold Europe. It was not a

vacation after all, as my younger brother was getting married.

Coming back to Paris we did traveled as-usual in the first half.We have

been to Germany, Austria, Spain and Portugal.It was superb with

excellent weather and good food.

Pamela did a great job which I was not

able to accomplish from quite a long. She made sure my parents visit

Paris. And yes…they did came in mid-August for 4 weeks. Organizing

their first trip abroad was not perfect; starting with floods in Mumbai,

not able to get cheap tickets & with delayed baggage service by airlines

in Paris etc. But at the end hope they had good time in Paris.

We celebrated Pooja and Diwali this year at Maison de l’Inde. And

yes, one more thing not to forget… in-spite of my disliking of France

& French, I ended up joining French class.

Being crazy did major change to this web site. Anywayz, this holiday

season is highlight with visit to Vedanta Society at Gretz. Need to see

how I end up this year.

Once again best wishes and keep visiting.

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