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 Santanu Misra / May 4, 2006
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This is about my commute to work nowadays when weather is graceful with

me and I ride to work. I hope it can not be better than this. Crossing

the most green part *(there are loooooots of green bucks around as

well)* of PARIS on a bike.

I leave you to explore the rest from Google map. I am sure you will have

fun. If I compare this with people in Bay-Area (CA), New-York or

Bangalore, Delhi I think people will envy me.

I need to elaborate more on the word envy and why I chose. As in

first version of this post I did not do that. If you have grown up with

green devil with a tail and a broken TV advertisement I am sure

you know what I am talking about.

YES! the famous ONIDA first advertisement that stirred Indian middle

class. Before that the advertisement agencies did not dared to cross any

taboo that could be controversial and backfire on them. Well, later

thanks to Pooja Bedi we Indian got some maturity in advertisement ;)

The ONIDA advertisement was simple; it was about a TV which was supposed

to be so good that neighbor throws a stone and breaks it due to sheer

amount of envy. So the message was to get some different idiot box then

your neighbors and show it off. At the end in Indian middle class every

body wanted to be different and lots of them got ONIDA which made them

all living in same kind of glass houses. To me it was as good as any

other mid-range TV for that price. But unfortunately those new proud

ONIDA owners found themselves that they can’t tell each other over a cup

of tea that they got 30 channels in their new TV to watch DD1 (Indian

National TV Network). Well those are the stories of 80s but campaign of

ONIDA remains same till today. You can read more on the same and check

ONIDA latest advertisement

at their web site.

I am not sure who is envying whom - is it me who is envying at

others who passes me with whooping speed in their big fat German SUVs or

someone reading this finds it as a cool ride to work.**[

](http://www.bartleby.com/61/17/C0621700.html “cool”)**

I tried my best to add this from Google maps. And of course there is the

big image with red line which represents my route. Check [Google


I will try to post some nice pictures along the route in few days.

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