Friday 12th May

Paris nap weekend sky
 Santanu Misra / May 12, 2006
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Just another weekend of May in Paris. I don’t know any other time when

the weather can be so beautiful with clear sky and warm temperature.

Right now, all the [horse chestnut

trees]( along wide

boulevards are full of white flowers. This tree is also known as

Marronier d’Inde, thanks to Francois for introducing the same.

Truly, if one cheers up and forgets all the problems round him-it is a

romantic experience in itself. Today, I am feeling very lucky and

privileged with my jolly mood.

Well this post is not only about Paris, I just found from

Google-analytics that someone linked to our site. It brought a big smile

on my face as he wanted to visit all the places as we did.

Today, tried adding my first comment in about my experience

with transaction logs. But looks like it did not got added to their

system :(Seems like a weekend is not enough for it :D

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