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 Santanu Misra / May 22, 2006
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This time for our trip to India we chose Qatar airways. Seeing its

publicity ***Qatar Airways, one of the fastest growing airlines in the

world. Taking you more personally!*** every now & then on BBC encouraged

us to book for the same. This airline is based in Doha, Qatar covering

around 70 international destinations. Check-in at Paris was very smooth

though they were very strict about luggage weight.

In-flight service was good with very comfortable seats having enough leg

room; quality of the food was better than what we had before and was

good with choice of films and music on demand. In short, good service

for almost 7-8hrs.of long haul flight. What let the airline down was

ground services at Doha airport which was awful. Too congested, with no

seats, toilets overloaded. There you can see all South-Asians in blue

collar jobs. Services at airport were very poorly managed.

Qatar generously gave free dinner coupon for 4 hours stop-over in the

age of no-frill air lines. Finding a long queue and no place to seat we

opted for a quick stroll in the small duty free section. Having all

kinds of perfume from France, small souvenirs, wines, cigarettes and YES

last but not least is our yellow metal (gold) shop. Where every

Indian was making a pilgrimage. Truly, wherever & whatever the price of

gold be India’s fascination towards it will not lessen. We too went

there especially Pamela who is no less.

Now having watched Syriana few

days before it looks as if few of its scenes were getting played there.

Arab men in there white dress and women in their black just 4 feet

behind them. And the same goes for those South-Asian working community

in middle east.

It was time to board for our next flight from Doha to Delhi. Everyone

was in rush to get into the flight showing their so called Indian

etiquettes as if they have bought the flight; and flight was going to

leave without them. Again in-flight service was good along with food

menu. As the flight landed people from rear end seem to be in more hurry

then those who were sitting at front. Best part was the person from back

who came running to be the first to take exit from economy class was the

one who was asking for help at Immigration counter as he was not able to

fill it himself.

May God bless those Indians! Otherwise rest journey was peaceful.

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