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Our trip to Switzerland has ended after all those C.B.G (châteaux,

bateaux and gateaux) trips around Europe but indeed it was a different

experience altogether. It is all about the greenery, mountain streams

rushing along, water falls, snow clad mountains, sounds of cow-bells

tickling on the alpine meadows.

I am not sure if every one is happy with their first trip to a new place

or not. But, I am always very happy and excited to go to new places. I

always live with some desire or feeling that was not filled in that very

trip. It keeps me motivated to go back to the same place once again. May

be it is my way of exploring and traveling.

The beauties of all those places we have been in Switzerland are so vast

that I think - “I can explore them for years to come if I am there all

the time”. But I know that is not going to happen (soon for sure!).

Here are few things that one should not miss while traveling in

Switzerland – starting with what we missed.

  • A Video Camera a MUST along with normal camera – to capture the Alpine divinity while traveling in train (specially for those panoramic one)

  • Ask for window seat if your train needs reservation.

  • Hiking Pole – if you are hiking and that includes downhill.

  • Make sure your watch is giving correct and precise time - the

    train/bus leaves platform on dot. To demonstrate this you just wait

    on a platform you will find the train starts moving as soon as the

    time posted and time on the big clock on the platform matches.A good

    pair of hiking shoes if you plan to walk a lot.

  • Warm clothes even in summer for going to the top of the mountains.

  • Good sunglass – Normal sunglass only stops little compared to those

    special glacier sunglass, you need them to save your eyes from the

    reflected sunlight from glacier at high altitude.

  • Polaroid filter -for your camera if you happen to be lucky on the

    mountain top with clear blue sky.

30 Jul   2006

Green plate


19 Jul   2006

Shhh …. Silence Please