Shhh …. Silence Please

picture Swiss rain quite area
 Santanu Misra / July 19, 2006
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Normally, I and Santanu don’t talk to each other on bus, train, flight or whatsoever as we are normally lost in our own world and both try to respect each others silence. We have books, newspaper, ipod for that time but this particular evening we happened to talk so much while returning to Zurich from Luzern. One of the reason maybe that by now we are kind of used to watching beautiful sceneries from train as it runs along lakes, rivers and creaking sometimes as it passes by the running hills unfolding before us.

Anywayz, it was almost 20 minutes left to reach Zurich when one lady from back seat of Santanu came to us asking —-

Lady - “Do you speak English? Santanu - Yes, we do(replied enthusiastically thinking may be she overheard something and want to ask us something)Lady - I think you might not have noticed that sign (pointing to the picture showing silence compartment on opposite window) as its not there in your window. You are in silence compartment.Us – (in unison) Oops!!! – Sorry

Dumbfounded to hear that; we had been talking non stop for a while now. It was so silly of us that we did fail to notice none of our co-passengers in that compartment were speaking. We traveled almost many schanghain countries but never happen to come across like that. Being unaware that even a compartment like this can exist we could not express our feelings to each other (Hain! aisaa bhi hota hai) till we reached Zurich and got out of that train.

We were not hurt by her comments but it might have been better and less humiliation if she warned us before, not waiting for the very last moment.

YES, it was another new experience with Swiss Railway, next day while traveling on a normal compartment Santanu silently sneaked into one of this special compartment to get this picture.