As time flies...

Bangalore anniversary
 Santanu Misra / November 13, 2008
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We feel elated to celebrate our sixth year of togetherness @ IndiJoe. A journey full of sweet, bitter, sour, spicy and many more…… flavours. After all soft items like paper, linen etc finally we reached anniversary which is represented by metal -“Iron Anniversary”.

This year’s anniversary is extra special because we were given a very precious gift from God, our son Aarush, and now we’ve moved on from “couple” to “small family”, and it feels amazing. So,for the first time we celebrated it as parent rather than couple. Aarush was at his best which helped us to finish our lunch buffet. Though we did not had the luxury of time as we had to stuff ourselves quickly. By the time we reached for dessert he wanted to crawl all around in restaurant.