2008 - mixed bag

Bangalore My Diary
 Santanu Misra / January 1, 2009
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Thinking of 2008… it was an eventful year. We started by adding a new member to our family after going through lot of apprehension. Now our new world started to revolve around baby with umpteen number of diaper changes and sleepless nights, his cries, bowel movement and what not…..

Pamela’s parents were at Mumbai to help us in our happily tough times. Even before completing two months Aarush left Mumbai for Pamela’s hometown. They spent a cruel summer in Durg from March till June with temperature soaring high up to 47 ÂșC.

In between in May I moved to Bangalore continuing with the same company. Domestic reallocation was a Herculean task as I had to manage every thing myself from finding apartment to movers, closing or transferring various accounts and establishments. My international reallocation experiences were like piece of cake compared to this.

In June Aarush had his rice ceremony at Siliguri which is elaborate and very similar to Bengali marriage ; in nutshell exhaustive but full of fun and festivity. After that we three came to Bangalore directly, the journey form Durg to Siliguri and Bangalore via Calcutta each time was first long trip for Aarush where he got the taste of train and flight.

Even before settling properly within a months time I had to travel to Singapore for 3 weeks on business in September. Pamela managed pretty well with Aarush by herself.

In October we traveled again to Siliguri to attend a family marriage for a week.

By November we started to get familiar with Bangalore and its surroundings. Initial days Aarush used to get very uncomfortable after 30 minutes drive in car but now got accustomed to it and enjoys the same.

Two weeks before we went to Mysore and Coorg. It was a great escape with a change and Aarush behaved very nicely as he spent his first night at hotel. This vacation was a perfect one as we had no pre-set agenda we moved and stopped as we wished.

We will cherish this bygone moments as we are about to accomplish one year milestone of our parent hood in few days. I have faced new scale of challenges through out this year on professional front too. World economic news yet to bring good news for all of us.