IPL 2.0

IPL – Indian Premier League goes out of India. You do not need to be a cricket fan to follow this news as it is everywhere. I am literally outraged with this news. Can you think suddenly British (Barclay) Premiership moves to Spain as cold winter stormed as swapped across Britain.

Mr. Lalit Modi is a big favorite, be it media or those franchise owners, but certainly things will be different after this summer. I really cannot believe IPL can survive solely on TV.

There is a bigger ecosystem that goes around IPL, be it parking or those support members (in hundreds) for each team. And surely there will not be any cheerleaders anymore as there will not be any spectators. How they are going to manage in the cold unpredictable month of April where you get sudden blizzards in the UK. If TV works so well, I am sure American sports might have exported to other parts of the world by now, be it NBA, NFL, or NHL. It is also mostly watched by TV, but there is an ecosystem around the whole, and you find TV serials to movies about the same.

Can you believe Only wish be this IPL 2.0 becomes so flop, and the franchise owners make huge losses so that they can come down to ground from their chartered flights. Last summer they poured a huge sum thinking they will recover someday soon but with this development, I am not sure who soon.

Reading this blog after many years look like i was wrong. IPL is doing great ; Lalit MOdi is no longer in India as he is UK in self imposed exile. He even had Sushmita Sen as his girlfriend. But kind of stopped watching cricket, .