bats poem covid corona virus covid 19 Aarush  Aarush Misra / April 1, 2020
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2020 February 15th @ Calcutta

Not your cricket bat nor your baseball bat
but just your friendly animal bat.
Better known as the carrier of disease & death
but is he the black savior of the human kind.

Think again what it can do friend.
Ravages real vampires to the end
mosquitoes everyone till they are in grave.
Killing pestering pests & insects.
Saves 3.5 billion dollars because it does the same thing as the pesticide.

Pollinator of flowers which bloom in colour
to become delicious fruits.
The real hero he should become true savior.
But what stops him is a germ
making him a killer of men
why do so Mr. Germ ?
Please give a good reason ?

When Aarush penned down this poem on a Saturday morning, the Covid-19 was limited to China and newspaper in India. Now in April things are very different from that day.

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