Raptors, birds of prey

changeable hawk-eagle or crested hawk-eagle
changeable hawk-eagle or crested hawk-eagle

2020 February 22nd @ Bangalore

Claws sharp & eyes wide
looking for target present on site.
You may think this to be a sniper
but its your neighborhood falcon.
This good boy is quite under appreciated
killing soldiers of nether word.
Who destroy grain and plunder world into disease
RATS, soldiers of satan
meet their end with this formidable warrior
But is he a hero to mankind
while his species face extinction.
Homes razed and their babies smuggled in and out
is it a saviour or needs saving.
This shows mankind’s cruelty
tie to respect the real hero,
who saved the world from horror.

1 Apr   2020


A poem inspired by simple Garden lizard

16 Oct   2018

Thekkady and Thattekad

Exploring the Natural Splendors of Kerala, 2018 - Dussehra vacation in deep south a road trip