A Paradise

Goa poem Aarush  Aarush Misra / April 9, 2020
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2019 August 22nd @ Bangalore

I was sitting on a train to paradise.
I exited with my luggage in the midst of midnight with wobbly legs,
I felt like an old soldier with battle fatigue who just came back home.
The end was near, I hauled a cab & into the resort I went.

I was led to a room & immediately bed I went.
So tired, I was asleep before the pillow touched my head.
I woke in the midafternoon, the air humid
but the golden beach present in blue waters, it was Earth’s beauty.
I was ever contended.

I felt like three years old playing in the waves.
Boy, those were the glorious days.
But the place was Earth’s heaven.

I wish could stay there forever
The land of my happy memories.
But this place is none other than our own Goa.

Aarush penned this poem in August 2019, remembering a vacation in Goa we had in September 2017. It got published in his school’s newsletter.

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