Independence Day - a poem

Independence Day poem Aarush  Aarush Misra / August 17, 2020
130 words ; 1 minute read

2019 August @ Bangalore

In the land bordered by the might Himalayas in the North
And by the vast ocean in the South
On 15th August, India celebrates its Independence
from bloody Terrony of foreign powers
and so called ‘British Dependence’

All kinds of people, take part in the vast celebration and taste the goodnes of liberation
but, one must understand
that patriotism does not mean celebrating for one day
and forgetting respect for motherland ZZZZZZZ

Patriotism means to be proud of the past respecting the nation

Not taking for granted that school, office be closed
Take things with a different notion
In developement, set a motion
Make a change for a better nation
Remember the struggle
Be proud be bold to be a citizen of such a great nation.