Ranakpur - where marvel talks

Less then 100 km from Udaipur in Pali District in between forest of the Aravalli Range lies this small village.

ranakpur jain temple
ranakpur jain temple

Ranakpur- a serene village in the Pali district of Rajasthan not very far from Udaipur is a pious place for the Jains.

If you are visiting South Rajasthan, Ranakpur should be must on your list.

We visited on our way to Kumbalgarh from Jawai, post 12 noon camera/mobile are allowed inside with a fee. You must wear proper attire shorts are not allowed for temple visit.

Amidst vast greenery, stands a white pearl, radiant in wilderness. The radiance is the work of carvers who made Adinath glow with bliss. Each thing of marble speaks and you will be lost in their intricacy stories. Three Jain temples from 15th century — Adinath, Neminath and Parsavanath stand close to each other. The unadorned exterior does not prepare you at all for the architectural intricacy from outside. But as you set your feet in, you can feel the architectural vastness. There are some thousand pillars, each engraved with unique pattern. Not only pillar even the ceilings and walls speak their own stories. The other two temple get shadowed to quite an extent by the opulence of Adinath temple. But they too are no less in exquisite carvings.

Pictures from Ranakpur

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