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Collection of articles that may not be anything, but offer an effort by us to remember something and reflect upn and a dash of very emeotions.

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  • 8 Jun   2015

    Half early update 2015

    The year is already half gone

    27 Oct   2012


    A Journey Beyond Boundaries

    17 Oct   2012


    A Tapestry of Rich History and Culture

    16 Oct   2012

    Badami and Bijapur

    Preserving the Legacy

    15 Oct   2012

    Exploring Aihole and Patadkal

    Temples of Elegance and Heritage

    30 Mar   2011
    29 Mar   2011

    Halebid and Belur

    Living with past hoysala masterpieces

    19 Jan   2011


    With elephants

    18 Oct   2009


    One of the largest monolithic statues in the world.

    22 Dec   2008
    21 Dec   2008

    Little Tibet

    The Little Tibetian Home In South India

    20 Dec   2008

    Road trip to Mysore

    First long trip with Aarush on road