A week we cheerished for long time from the time of pandemic

A house by the beach
A house by the beach

Workation: Heard about it….yes, no…maybe (new concept of a vacation that combines work with leisure from remote places by being close to nature)… all thanks to COVID. If covid has ruined our life then it has given many things too.

One of Santanu’s running friends who is working remotely away from Bangalore for more than a year happened to work from Goa for 2 weeks. He was staying in a beautiful nature retreat called Olaulim Backyards. He was posting awesome bird photographs using a mobile and binoculars. The rooms of that property are named after endemic birds of Goa/Western Ghats. Santanu was so sold, he wanted to take up holidays with that property.He even called them to find out if they had rooms available for the upcoming long weekend while in Pondicherry. But then he realized that we have Club-Mahindra membership; just tried to see if we could stay at Club-M Varca property and that way save some money for staying. Initially it was on the waiting list but got confirmed somehow :)

Now the travel plan for Goa started, we knew we definitely need a car if we need to do birding out there. So initially the plan was to drive to Goa for 3 days but calculating distance and time we gave up on the idea of driving as it was too stressful just for 3 days. And we can only leave on Thursday after school is over which will be almost 2:30 PM to be latest. Then Santanu came up with an idea why not to drive till Udupi on the weekend before and work 4 days from there till Thursday. Then proceed to Goa on 10th sept. week-end. Then the question came where to stay and the immediate answer was referring to his friend.

(Me: [eyebrows raised] Will she agree in her absence?? He: Will ask her if available or not on that week, otherwise drop the idea).

Asusual, me being negative minded agreed on that idea hesitatingly and EUREKA! It was available and she agreed too.

This place is right on the Delta beach enabling you to walk into the ocean directly from the house owned by none other than our large-hearted friend who generously allowed us to stay at her place for 4 days. A well -furnished house….made up to her excellent taste. From her front room to kitchen, puja room, bedroom and not to leave bath room….its a luxury to have such house and a blessing to know her in-person.

About the house: -

Internet Speed Download Speed :36.6 Mbps Upload Speed : 56.6 Mbps (internet speed is based on a speed test result) Proper UPS backup : in fact it supported us more than day when power was not there due to incessant rain.

Essentials: facilities like grocery, veggies, readymade breakfast place, salon, ATM, bus stop all at walkable distance. House rule: Treat it like your own house and spread love and positivity.

Cook or order our own food as per your choice.

NO NonVeg and alcoholic drinks are allowed inside her property.

Daily Housekeeping of the house is taken care of by the caretaker who stays within the property.

About our stay:

Entire feel was different at different settings. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay although it rained cats and dogs during our stay in the coastal region. Luckily,one of Santanu’s running friends accompanied us with his wife on this trip and they made the trip more memorable as in the evening we had long rounds of Uno and Sequence after dinner amidst loads of laughter. Being close to Kerala, Managlore had strict weekend curfew for covid so Sunday we were forced to spend time inside as all restaurants were closed for dine-in. Only one night we went to Udupi town near Krishna temple for dinner followed by the famous Gadbad ice cream.

On the day prior to leaving, Indra devata showed little mercy on us when we could venture out apart from the beach. On the last day, thursday 9th sept. it was a warm sunny day, perfect for a picture session but I was so held up with class that I could not step out much.

All said and done, enjoyed thoroughly, to hearts content, thanks a ton to her. No words can express our gratitude for this lovely stay. Today, we know we are blessed to know you.

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