Day 5 in Kashmir

Pahalgam -- is one of the most scenic places to visit in Kashmir. With scenic vistas, lush greenery and pristine lakes


Photion cold-grass

Pahalgam isn’t far from Srinagar it is just as far as Mysore is to Bangalore. But there is one thing you must clearly understand is that you must try the local bread over here. We got lucky because it was Ramazan, so we got to try the tender, hard, crunchy, salty, sweet kinds of bread.

Since we started late in the morning, we arrived late for tourist activities, so we had lunch and decided to explore the town on foot. We spotted a nice garden that was maintained by the local municipality. luckily, my mother was extremely pleased by the fact that the tulips here were at least surviving here unlike in Srinagar (Read about day one in Kashmir blog, lads). She suggested they move the festival from there to here to ensure there is no more case of tulip sunburn. I must admit that the park was incredibly beautiful. But we decided that the beauty of Pahalgam would be explored later whilst we take a rest today so our energy would be fully restored by tomorrow.