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Collection of articles that may not be anything, but offer an effort by us to remember something and reflect upn and a dash of very emeotions.

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  • 16 Apr   2022

    Day 6 in Kashmir

    Aru Valley, Betab Valley & Chandan Wari, the golden triangle of Kashmir's tourism

    15 Apr   2022

    Day 5 in Kashmir

    Pahalgam -- is one of the most scenic places to visit in Kashmir. With scenic vistas, lush greenery and pristine lakes

    14 Apr   2022

    Day 4 in Kashmir

    Gulmarg, The peaks of snow and ice

    13 Apr   2022

    Day 3 in Kashmir

    Dal lake, the floating town

    12 Apr   2022

    Day 2 in Kashmir

    Srinagar is the India's northern gateway , a scenic city bustling in culture, tradition and modern elegance

    11 Apr   2022

    A Trip to Indian's Crown

    The crown of India , jewelled with snow and pine trees and laden with a rich history and culture

    27 May   2018

    Kaziranga - Information to know before visiting

    Part of Assam & Meghalaya Trip 2018

    13 Sept   2017
    17 Jul   2014

    Indian Mobile scene and future

    Some random thoughts

    26 Apr   2014

    Driving Himachal

    Goog Maps of the trip

    10 Feb   2009
    16 Feb   2006

    Vacation on the horizon