Day 6 in Kashmir

Aru Valley, Betab Valley & Chandan Wari, the golden triangle of Kashmir's tourism

Aru Valley

Photion Green-Valley

Aru Valley, Betab Valley and Chandan Wari.

The ABC of all tourist places in Pahalgam that need to be visited by hired taxi. Here you can’t use the tourist taxi that you hired from a tourist agency because it breaks union rules. we rented a Toyota Etios because we were only 3 people and did not need a van (the cheapest option available to us ). We first went to Aru Valley which is very scenic. with 3 snow-covered peaks in the distance and the alpine trees and green hills here, you must be incredibly careful where you put your shoe or else you are in foot deep in horse $h1t. this is true and meant to be taken seriously. We then travelled to Chandan Wari which is a place where a lot of snow is there but there is nothing much. The Betab valley was more beautiful and was a well-maintained park that looks like a 1960’s romance film set where one would not be surprised if Late Lata Mangeshkar’s voice broke into song from the heavens about love. A flowing stream and tall pine trees. And here it was our set to make Instagram reels. However, it was growing darker meaning rain was approaching meaning we had to get moving. we then drove back to the taxi stand and asked Muneeb to drive us back to Srinagar, quick but not too quickly. We stooped on our way to destructed temples of Awantipora. I can only believe they were magnificent structures before they got razed down. Stone was broken down. ASI was trying hard, but I don’t think we match up to the beauty of the past. I mean can we do any construction without any cement or any mortar. No, right !? but the kings of Awantipora from Odisha created a temple in the Himalayas using no trucks but elephants to carry the humongous size of rocks. We returned to Srinagar by sunset.