Tiger and it, prey

Something lurks in the tall grass of the forests, but before the doe realises, her fate fate is sealed

Tiger Bandhavgarh
Tiger Bandhavgarh

In the tropical forests
A deadly predator rests
Silent as a shadow
And has no foe
Top of the food chain
Lurks from the tall grass, bush and cane His eyes burn yellow
And he is a sleek, silent dangerous fellow Here stands the lonely doe
Unaware her end is nigh
Jumps out of the tall grass
A black-orange mass
Tearing off her skin
For the tiger,
Sustenance has been earned
For the sweet flesh he has earned
Deadly as an assasin
For the tiger it is
A blessing, a feast and another kill

30 Jan   2023


Rage is a powerful demon within us which must be always be put under control or harsh consequences bear down on us

28 Jan   2023

The Serene Forests of India

A poem composed in tribute to the beautiful forests of India