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Collection of articles that may not be anything, but offer an effort by us to remember something and reflect upn and a dash of very emeotions

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  • 29Jan   2023

    Tiger and it, prey

    Something lurks in the tall grass of the forests, but before the doe realises, her fate fate is sealed

    28Jan   2023

    The Serene Forests of India

    A poem composed in tribute to the beautiful forests of India

    23Jan   2023

    Seasons and the Elm tree

    The seasons come and go, a cycle of life and death repeats but elm tree stands,witness to everything around it

    3Jan   2020

    Hoollongapar Gibbon, Day-8 -- Assam & Meghalaya Trip 2018

    An unforgettable morning with lots of goosebumps

    3Jan   2020
    3Jan   2020

    Kaziranga - Information to know before visiting

    Part of Assam & Meghalaya Trip 2018

    3Jan   2020

    Kaziranga Part-II, Day-7 -- Assam & Meghalaya Trip 2018

    We did a morning elephant Safari and lots of Orchids