Seasons and the Elm tree

The seasons come and go, a cycle of life and death repeats but elm tree stands,witness to everything around it

A beautiful tree

Here stand the lonely elm tree
Rooted to the ground
While its young little leaves swing free
In the cool breeze that blows around

Now Lo, behold!
Here comes the wonderful summer
Life abounds!
The ground is lush and lime green
A glorious leaves of parakeet green
Against the clear blue sky

Now Lo behold!
Here comes the ghostly winter
Where no life is seen
The weather is a bully; wicked, harsh and mean
Where only the Ravens cry
The tree lies naked, its green lustre gone
Just bare wood, merely just wheat brown Against the deathly grey atmosphere

Now lo behold!
Here comes the rejuvenating spring
The leaves are back
A new lease on life
Freed from the ice
The grass dots the former barren lithosphere
That surrounds the lonely elm tree